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Arrow Sewing Furniture

Custom Insert for Arrow / Kangaroo / Mod Squad Sewing Tables

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$119.00 USD
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$199.99 USD
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$119.00 USD

Although a custom insert isn't strictly necessary to enjoy your new sewing cabinet, most customers find that they strongly prefer to sew with the addition of a custom insert. Here's why:

  • Provides a smooth, even surface for your fabric to flow over
  • Fits snugly around the base of your machine
  • Leaves less open space for your smaller items (like pins, needles, or scissors) to accidentally fall through

Just select your cabinet from the drop-down menu. Then, when you checkout, you'll be able to click a "leave comment with order" box, where you can let us know the exact make and model of your machine. We'll do the rest!

A note about the drawing in this product's image gallery: These clear plexiglass inserts are notoriously hard to photograph, so we channeled our inner Picasso and tried to sketch it out for you, coloring the insert pink. It's safe to say that the drawing is not to scale, nor do clear things appear pink in real life! :)

We recommend that you watch the video in the image gallery above to get a real sense of how the insert looks and how it works! Please note: The Gidget sewing table has a smaller opening, so please give us a call at 866-556-7018 with the make and model number of your machine to find out if an insert can be made. The insert will take 4-6 weeks to make and ship to you.

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Arrow & Kangaroo Sewing Furniture has been making quality sewing furniture since 1943. We are sewing obsessed, customer driven and dedicated to providing a superior sewing experience through world class ergonomic sewing furniture.

From sewing cabinets, to cutting tables, to our #1 rated sewing chair, we design each piece of furniture for our sewer’s comfort and convenience. We remain committed to craftsmanship and innovation, with one thing in mind: helping sewers and quilters Sew In Comfort, so they can Sew Longer!

Arrow & Kangaroo Sewing Furniture is located in Elkhorn, WI.


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Nice fit

Perfect custom fit with my Creative Icon and cabinet.

Nancy S.
Great Fit

Ordered the sewing cabinet from Amazon and was able to order the insert from this vendor which came quickly and is perfect for my sewing machine/cabinet.

Craig B.
Fits perfectly!

Since my sewing machine is over 20 years old, I was concerned that I might not be able to get an insert, but this fits perfectly.

Christine B.
Great Insert for sewing table!

I ordered the insert for my new Olivia Sewing Table by clicking on the make of my sewing machine and which table I bought. It came within a month and it fits perfectly. Now I have a completely flat surface to sew on and it makes a huge difference from what I sewed with before with another set up. I'm very happy with the insert.