110% Low Price Guarantee

We know our sewing furniture prices are the lowest available because we check on a weekly basis!

We're so confident that we're willing to offer you 110% of the difference between our price and the lower price you find in the form of a partial refund after purchase. So you can buy here with confidence, knowing that if you find a lower price within 30 days of placing your order we will issue you a refund for 110% of the difference!

The details

If you find a lower price on a product you purchased from us within 30 days or placing your order you can contact us directly for your partial refund.

Just be sure that the lower price includes shipping & sales tax before reaching out to us. We also do not honor price guarantees for used, knock-off (i.e. counterfeit), refurbished, or open-box items. Nor do we honor price guarantees on prices at membership sites, bidding portals like eBay, or sellers who are not authorized dealers of Arrow or Kangaroo (as only authorized dealers can offer products with valid product warrantees). We also reserve the right to not honor the low price guarantee if it means we will incur a net loss on your order.