About Us

Welcome to Sewing Tables by Sara! I love to sew, knit, embroider, and play with paper... not to mention come up with pretty and practical ways to keep everything organized. Before I moved into a place large enough to create a sewing area, I sewed on the kitchen table and stored my machine in a closet. What that really meant was that I pretty much ate all my meals sitting on the sofa, and that thread, fabric, and scissors were scattered all over the kitchen! I cannot explain how much joy I felt when I finally got sewing table perfectly designed for my needs. That was the first step in my being able to incorporate my craft work into my home in a beautiful and organized way. I built the rest of my little creative space around that table. I started this website because I love having my business be connected to my passion for creating, and I also love helping others get the same joy from their sewing experiences that I now have. Check out my blog for project ideas and updates about sales and special deals on the site!

Why buy from us?

Very simply, we will bend over backwards to make sure that your entire shopping experience with Sewing Tables By Sara will be great!   Here are some examples of our awesome customer service:

  • We will ship your table within 1 business day.  
  • We will respond to any questions you have within a few hours.
  • You will receive tracking information once your order is shipped.
  • We will help you with any issues related to the shipment, the assembly, and any issues you are having with your order.

Please let us know if you have any questions, via either live chat or our Contact Us Page.