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Superb Storage Cabinet

I was looking for a set of drawers to store my stash of high count, hand dyed linens which I use in stitching reproduction samplers. This model Is exactly what I was looking for. Plus it fits well with the other sewing furniture I already own. I love that it is on casters and can be rolled easily. The materials and construction are top quality. My son was able to put it together in a few hours. I highly recommend the Mid Squad 5 Drawer Caddy Storage unit!

Just got my table put together on Saturday so have not used it as yet. However, I love the space it gives so that when I begin to quilt it will be so much easier. Ordered the insert and looking forward to delivery.

Works out great for me and my space! Love the storage! I use baskets in the shelves!

Can't review. Christmas hasn't come yet.

Love it

After sewing for years on a hodgepodge of tables and desks this is a dream come true. After spending a lot of time(too much stuff) organizing I can now put my hand on necessities quickly. The back table supports my quilts when putting the bindings on. A lot easier on my back too. Back to loving sewing again.

Very nice table

I love my new sewing table. The Joey is exactly what I needed for my sewing supplies and crafts supplies. I homeschool my daughter and one drawer is for art supplies. The table and Joey are well made. It took a little time to put it together, but parts fit together perfectly. Would definitely recommend this seller and sewing table.

I appreciate the easy movement.

Arrow has good customer service.

I purchased the Kangaroo and Joey. I'm pleased with the cabinet, it does require a lot of assembly so I was happy my husband likes to do that kind of thing. The Joey chest fits pretty tight up against the Kangaroo cabinet due to my carpet height in my sewing room. So something to think about whether it will slide easily under the cabinet. I ended up sliding it under another piece of sewing furniture with more clearance as I didn't want to ruin the top of the Joey. I can attest to the wonderful customer service at Arrow. When we opened our original shipment about half the wood pieces were damaged in shipping. All we had to do was contact them and give them a list of the pieces we needed and pictures. They shipped out replacements right away. When you call them you get a human, and they have about the nicest customer service people you'll ever encounter at a business. I always say you really know a company in how they handle problems - and we were very impressed. While it took us another week to get the cabinet put together which was a bummer, they did everything they could to help us. I was also able to purchase matching cabinet **** to replace some **** on older sewing cabinets of another brand, so all of them would match. My sewing room looks great and the cabinet works well with my Bernina 770QE+

Thank you so much Barbara! And I will pass this along to Arrow.

Lots of assembly required

These literally came with everything, except cams, uninstalled. **** in the cam bolts, even with WD-40 was quite difficult, even with an electric drill. Once all that was completed, the actual assembly went well. We have requested three replacement panels for the Joey, and the large top piece on the Kangaroo. Hopefully, these will come soon. We also have the Kiwi. Again, cam bolts were a pain, but then it all went together smoothly. We can't wait for the dmaaged parts for the Joey and Kangaroo to arrive!

Thanks Virginia! The parts are on the way...

Great storage option

The Joey is a small storage cabinet perfect for sewing notions or fabric storage. The quality is superb. My husband said it was easy to assemble.

Thank you Aimee! Glad you are so happy with your Joey.

Love the size

Setup was easy and the size is perfect for my space.

Thank you Shirley! So glad it worked out for you.

Wallaby Sewing Table Cabinet by Kangaroo

Aussie sewing table

I was a little overwhelmed when all the boxes arrived, but it went together beautifully and I love it!!
Excellent directions and great quality!

Love the way machine fits flat and at a comfortable heightLooking so forward to coler weather when I can sew out on my deck with the machine

Sewing Table

I'm very happy with my sewing table. It's so versatile and a great product. Makes sewing much more enjoyable.

Really enjoying this cabinet! There is a serious problem w/the insert - it is too small ~ …pictures indicate how it fits - too narrow and too short. The machine needs to be moved completely to the right in order to use the knee lift and to have space for the items which are being sewn (left end) as shown in last photo.

Love it! Great value for the price!

Great table

I now have five of these tables

Hydraulic Ergonomic Sewing Chair w/ Fabric Cushion by Arrow

Sewing notions and materials all in one spot.

I am a long arm quilter and do embroidery work on various fabrics for gifts. The Dingo II Cutting Table stores all my sewing threads, long arm sewing threads, and my embroidery threads and stabilizer materials. Everything is in one place and handy to get at. Love my cutting table.

Happy Sewing!!!!

Love my new sewing machine cabinet!

Supports your back

High quality chair , good back support and comfortable to sit in for long periods of time

Fantastic table

Second purchase… both are incredible pieces

Love my new chair

I received my new hydraulic seeing chair just a few days after placing the order. It was very easy to put together. I love the ability to adjust the height and swivel.

My Laverne and Shirley

I am very happy with my new sewing cabinet. It definitely took two people to put it together, the instructions are a little hard to follow. My sewing machine, which is a brother, sits lower in the part that goes down. So it’s not comfortable using it in the lower position. So I put the lid on it and just use it like a table. I’m very disappointed in that part. Over all it is made well and I love how big it is.