Which Sewing Table Is For You?

We carry eight different models of Arrow sewing cabinets and sewing tables.  Each one provides different special features, so it's a good idea to compare all the cabinets to decide which one is best for you!  We recommend that you assess your sewing needs based on the size of your machine, type of projects you do, the amount of storage you need, the amount of space you have in your sewing area, and the design scheme of your room. This chart should help you narrow your choices down to a few.  Then just pick your favorite!




Adjustable Platform

Moves your machine to freearm or flatbed position

GidgetGidget IIOlivia,

Airlift Mechanism

Moves your machine to freearm, flatbed, or storage position

AuntieSewnatra, Norma JeanBertha

Doubles as a craft table while hiding your machine

Helps you move effortlessly between sewing and crafting projects

Auntie, Norma JeanBertha

Doubles as a craft table with your machine stored in a cubby

Helps you move between sewing and crafting projects with a minimum of effort


Large surface area

Allows you to spread out and keep all your tools at the ready.

Olivia, Norma JeanBertha

Compact Size

Packs a lot of features into a small footprint!



Keeps everything organized but hidden from view

OliviaAuntie, Norma Jean

Quilting leaf may be added to back

Expands surface area and keeps delicate quilts from falling on the floor as they pass through your machine

Bertha(included!), OliviaNorma Jean

Capacity to hold large machines

Accommodates the big girls!

Gidget IIBertha

Capacity to hold a 60 pound machine

Accommodates the really big girls!


Cute vintage styling

Creates a pretty focal point for a sewing area