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  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
  • Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow
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Arrow Sewing Furniture

Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet by Arrow

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$399.00 USD
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$929.00 USD
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$399.00 USD

Arrow Sewnatra Sewing Table Cabinet Highlights

  • Air Lift Mechanism: The Sewnatra has an easy-to-use air-lift mechanism that raises and lowers your sewing machine with just a simple push. You can position the base of your sewing machine (or serger) flush with the table top in free-arm position (useful for working on sleeves and cuffs), or you can push it down slightly into flatbed position so that that the sewing area is flush with the surface. The airlift mechanism can fully adjust to any type of sewing machine base height, so you can be sure your fabric will be perfectly level and flow smoothly as you work. Then, with one push downwards, the air-lift mechanism allows you to store your sewing machine all the way out of sight. (See the "videos" tab for a demonstration.)
  • Universal Insert: The Sewnatra comes with a an insert that fits around your machine to creating one solid surface from your sewing bed to the edge of the table in flatbed position.
  • Storage: The door, when opened displays two attached trays for accessories and supplies, along with two thread spindles that can hold up to 20 spools of thread.
  • Style: The Sewnatra’s shuttered doors give it the stylish look of a piece of furniture! Measuring just under 24” wide and 13” deep when closed, it can easily serve double duty as an end table or bedside table. Only you have to know that like a sewing superhero, it can transform with the flip of a few leaves and the opening of a door!
  • Choice of left or right opening door The doors of the white and black Sewnatras open to the right, while the door of the Oak Sewnatra opens to the left. As you can see in the photos, the oak fits in a more compact spot when opened.
  • Strength: The sturdy Sewnatra has a fold-out bracket that supports the leaf in open position. No need to worry that the table will bow and crack the second you put anything heavier than a spool of thread on it!
  • Finish: The Sewnatra is available in crisp, clean white with brushed nickel hardware, classic oak with polished brass hardware, or a beautiful black finish with brushed nickel hardware.

The adorable Sewnatra packs a ton of features into a small package. It’s perfect for those with a small (or nonexistent!) space for a sewing area:

  • Airlift mechanism raises and lowers your machine with a simple push (see the "videos" tab)
  • A universal sewing machine insert is included (fits around the machine to make a continuous level surface)
  • Storage for thread, notions, and accessories
  • Small size and stylish shuttered door gives the Sewnatra the ability to live in harmony with the rest of your furniture, disguised as an end table
  • Finishes available in crisp white with brushed nickel hardware or classic oak with polished brass hardware


If you have the know-how to thread a sewing machine, putting the Sewnatra together should be a snap! All you have to do is follow a series of steps (manual is available here). The Sewnatra arrives in two separate boxes. After you open those and lay your pieces out, you’ll just need a hammer, screwdriver, and a 10mm socket wrench. Most people find it takes them about an hour to assemble. Clear your calendar, put on your favorite tunes and forge ahead! Directions are included, but if you need help, call us toll free for assistance! We’ll get you sewing in no time!

Cabinet Specifications

  • Dimensions Open: 68-7/16" wide x 19-5/8" deep (front to back) x 30-1/2" tall
  • Dimensions Closed: 23-3/4" wide x 19-5/8" deep (front to back) x 31" tall
  • The opening and platform of the cabinet will accommodate sewing machines that are no larger than:
    • 18-7/8” wide
    • 12-9/16” deep (front to back)
    • 13-1/8” tall
  • Construction: Vinyl laminate/MDF/Composite
  • Airlift Platform Weight Limit: 45 lbs.
  • Comes With Universal Insert that will accommodate machines less than 17" wide by 7-1/4" deep
  • Custom Machine Insert available for machines less than 17-1/2" wide by 12-1/2" deep

Warranty Info

Your Sewnatra has a three-year warranty from the date of shipment from our facility that covers manufacturer’s defects and a 15-day warranty for any shipping damages. The warranty does not cover freight charges for any defects noticed after the first year of use. Arrow will replace parts for manufacturers defects, but freight for these parts will be the responsibility of the customer requesting parts after the first year of ownership. The warranty also does not cover damage caused by abuse, mis-use, alteration, poor assembly, accident or neglect of the product. The warranty does not cover damage as a result of moving the cabinet fully loaded or damage caused by moving the cabinet with locked casters. Under the terms of this warranty the repair and replacement of any parts shall be at the discretion of the company or their designated representatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Susan S.
Great Value

I've owned several large expensive sewing cabinets. This compact one works so well in my new smaller townhouse. A great value at a great price. Highly recommend.

Great for my small space.

Nice product. Compact for small spaces.


It's perfect! My husband and his friend put it together in 2 hours. I love it!

Andrew C.
Great experience with Sewing Tables By Sara.

We had great results corresponding with seller. Prompt and courteous service.

Christa B.
Perfect for my space!

Cabinet arrived quickly and was delivered before the expected date of delivery. Nice little compact unit and is perfect for a small sewing space.

Diane C.
Compact and sturdy

I needed a compact machine home, and the Sewnatra does that. I wish it was available in real wood so I could move it easier over carpets. The lift functions nicely and a bit of storage for cleaning supplies and accessories is nice. I am awaiting my inserts to really give it a workout.