Aussie II Sewing Cabinet

Aussie II Sewing Cabinet

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Do you sometimes feel like you need space the size of a continent for your project? Then our Aussie II Cabinet is the perfect solution for you! The cabinet, quilt leaf and rolling caddy included offers 31 ½ square feet of space allowing you to easily take on large quilting or sewing projects.

Learn more about its features below!

Large Work Space:
  • The Aussie II has a roomy 31.5 square feet of work space.
  • It comes with a quilt leaf extension on the back of the cabinet comes that extends your work space behind the sewing machine, thus stopping quilts and other large projects from falling on the floor.
  • A rolling caddy pulls out to create additional surface area as well as easy access to drawers and storage.
  • When the Aussie is completely open (with quilt leaf extended and the rolling caddy pulled out) the Aussie is 99 1/2” wide by 80 1/2” deep. 
  • All that surface area means working on large projects is much easier and more enjoyable. You’ll also have room to store additional sewing machines or sergers.
  • A custom insert is available for the Aussie II.  What is a custom insert?  It is a plexi-glass piece made to fill the gap around your machine. It is custom made to the exact dimensions of the cabinet's opening and your specific sewing machine. The insert is used only in the flatbed position of the cabinet, which is the second or middle position on the airlift.  Remove your accessory kit from the front of your machine to reveal your freearm. The insert fits around the freearm and center of your machine.   Click here to order a custom insert.

Compact and Safe When Folded:

  • When the Aussie II is closed, (the quilt leaf folds down in the back and the rolling caddy slides underneath) its measurements are relatively compact: 99½” wide x 22” deep. 
  • The rolling caddy can be stored in two different locations in the cabinet.
  • In the closed position, all of your sewing notions and equipment can be safely locked with a key, keeping curious little fingers safe.

Lift Mechanism:

  • The lift mechanism easily adjusts your sewing machine up and down into three different positions.
  • The lift is adjustable to accommodate any height machine.
  • The ample opening in front of the lift allows you to sit and sew comfortably with the correct center needle sewing position. 


  • The Aussie II features a variety of drawers, trays, bins, and open areas for larger items.
  • When the cabinet is open, you enjoy easy access to all your supplies and materials.


  • The Aussie II is available in Teak or Ash White.


Assembly is easy!  You'll need a standard screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and a hammer or mallet. 

The Aussie II comes with easy-to-follow instructions. 

In addition, feel free to call our toll-free help number with any questions about assembly.   

Click here to see the assembly manual!

Cabinet Dimensions:

  • Aussie Closed Dimensions: 49-3/4" wide x 22" deep (front to back) x 30" tall
  • Aussie Open Dimensions: 99-1/2" wide x 45-1/2" deep (front to back) x 29" tall
  • Caddy Dimensions: 34-1/2" wide x 15" deep x 27-1/2" tall (cubby is 13" wide x 14" deep x 13" tall)
  • The opening and platform of the cabinet will accommodate sewing machines that are no larger than:
    • 23-1/2" wide (left to right)
    • 12-1/4" deep (front to back)*
    • 13-7/8” tall*

*Please measure your machine and include knobs, plugs, etc. that extend beyond the body of machine.

We warranty your Aussie for 3 years from date of shipment for manufacturer’s defects or shipping damage within the first 15 days. The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse, mis-use, alteration, accident, or neglect of the product. The warranty does not cover damage caused by moving the cabinet fully loaded. Under the terms of this warranty the repair and replacement of any parts shall be at the discretion of the company or their designated representative. Replacement Parts Shipping Information (Addendum to Warranty): To help protect our valuable resources, we ship all replacement parts out at the same time. Replacement parts are shipped free of charge only during the first year. This procedure lessens the use of packaging materials and fossil fuels used in transportation keeping our world for all kangaroos and the people like you a cleaner place. Please help us in this endeavor by reviewing all parts in all boxes for damage before calling or e-mailing us to report damage. We adhere to our environmental philosophy by only shipping replacement parts out 1 time for free. Additional parts requests will be billed at the customer’s expense.